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Year Since Established

Tanzania Albinism Society (TAS)

is a membership non – profit and non - Governmental organization dedicated to empower,protect and support people with albinism. The organization was established in 1978 and registered in 1980 with REG NO; S.A 6150. In Morogoro region the organization started to work as a branch in 2006

Our Mission

Tanzania albinism society strives to advocate for the rights and dignity of people with albinism.

Our Vision:

An inclusive society in which the rights and dignity of people with albinism are respected
Our Goal
  • Access to health
  • Access to education
  • Human right advocacy and inclusive democratic governance
Stategesi to meet Goals
  • Outreach Program
  • Coordinating and Networking
  • Robing and Advocacy

Our core values


We will promote and practice a culture, whereby all who come into contact with us are treated with professionalism, courtesy and respect at all times. We will promote pride by developing a practice and culture based on quality, excellence and empowering all who associated with the Tanzania Albinism Society Morogoro region branch, in all of our activities.


Tanzania Albinism Society Morogoro region branch and its leaders and staff will practice and advocate integrity in all its forms and in all activities. We will operate on a policy of “Zero tolerance” on all forms of discrimination and corruption both internally and externally. We will be open, transparent and honest. We will communicate clearly all that we do whilst adhering to confidentiality protocols.


We will work to ensure that our services are non- discriminatory and hold the principles of equality and the heart of our work. Inclusivity We will promote inclusive society and strives that gender aspects mainstreamed in all of our interventions, and will assist our members and stakeholders to the importance of achieving the same.


Dignity for all


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